Hot Tub Cruisin is excited to offer our newest edition, the Cycle Cruisin boat! Details for Cycle Cruisin can be found in this paragraph and details concerning the Hot Tub Cruisin boat can be found in the paragraph below or on the rental tab. Book the boat for a 1.5 hour captained Cycle Cruise around the bay. Weekday (Monday-Thursday) and Weekend (Friday-Sunday) pricing based on your groups size (1-8 people vs. 9-15 people). Includes a sound system and cooler. Pedal your way around the bay or sit back, relax and use our on-board motor. Online reservations coming soon.

Call to make a reservation 619-905-5100

Weekday: 1-8 people = $200, Weekday: 9-15 people = $250, Weekend: 1-8 people = $300, Weekend: 9-15 people = $350

Hot Tub Cruisin boat offers a luxuriously unique way to have fun on the beautiful waters of Mission Bay. Whether your group is large or small, everyone will enjoy the unforgettable experience of hot tubbing on a boat. Seats up 10 people.
Book the Hot Tub Cruisin boat online. Just click on the reservations tab and choose the reservations drop down.
$215/hr entire boat, self captained