Fun Things To Do in San Diego!

San Diego, made most famous by Will Ferrell’s Anchorman character Ron Burgundy, is the 2nd most populated city in California. Though it has a total of 1.4 million residents, San Diego still pales in comparison to the amount of people that live in Los Angeles. With the amount of people that live in L.A., you can imagine the traffic and the smog up there. San Diego luckily doesn’t have that issue. The palm trees are a plenty and the views are breath-taking. San Diego happens to be home to some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America such as Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Point Loma, Carlsbad, Costa Mesa and La Jolla.

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Ripe with green lawns, stucco buildings and blue skies, San Diego has the laid-back California mindset without the hectic Los Angeles hustle and bustle…or the smog. Some of the most fun attractions in all of southern California can be found in the greater San Diego area.

One example is the USS Midway Museum. This Museum is San Diego’s newest visitor attraction. This real naval aircraft carrier offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for people of all ages. Guests typically enjoy a self-explanatory audio tour featuring 60 exhibits highlighting this “city at sea” and 25 renovated real aircrafts. Explore galleys and sleeping quarters of a 69,000 ton ship, fittingly located in the United States’ most famous naval town, San Diego.

If you like animals, you can always visit the San Diego Zoo! Founded over 100 years ago, this place is an absolute must see for not only zoo-enthusiasts, but all types of tourists. You can get your entire animal fill in a matter of hours. The zoo boasts some of the most amazing gorillas, eagles, tigers, bears, leopards, reptiles, birds, and more. Some of the cool exhibits available include the Panda Trek where giant pandas roam, the Australia Outback where 24 cuddly koalas call home, and the Elephant Odyssey which houses countless elephants! Enjoy a guided tour on a double-decker bus if you wish, or dine in delicious Albert’s Restaurant. Discover the limitless attractions, wildlife and involving experiences which leaves guests of all age gasping for more!

For those of you who are sports fans, you can always catch a Padres game at the picturesque Petco Park. Although the Padres haven’t been setting the world ablaze with their play as of late, a game on a Friday night after work with friends is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. For you food hounds, make sure you check out Little Italy, which is a district just outside downtown. The once predominantly Italian fishing neighborhood has now become a place ripe with great shopping, restaurants and art galleries. Some of the better restaurants outside of the Little Italy district include Sushi Ota, Truluck’s Seafood, Cucina Urbana, Eddie V’s and Civico 1845.

Clearly, the main attraction for tourists coming to San Diego is SeaWorld. One of the classic southern California destinations and amusement parks, SeaWorld offers an animal-themed oceanarium, outside aquarium and mammal mark. The 53 year-old park sees over 4.3 million visitors on a yearly basis and provides 15 rides, two of which being roller coasters, to go along with the aquarium-based attractions.

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