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How Hot Tubs Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Close to one in five American citizens are living with a mental health condition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Millions of these individuals will seek out treatment options in the form of drugs or therapy. However, jumping into a hot tub cruisin boat in San Diego’s waters can also be of significant benefit to an individual’s state of mind.

Promotes better sleep patterns

68% of Americans state that they have difficulty getting to sleep at least once a week, according to a Consumer Reports survey. This is concerning as research has revealed that lack of sleep is a leading cause of multiple mental health conditions, including psychotic episodes. But, by delving into a relaxing hot tub, you can boost your sleep and in turn benefit your mental health. A study conducted by the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center found that an increase in body temperature before bed can put you in a deeper sleep. Therefore, consider utilizing a late night reservation on board a hot tub cruisin boat on Mission Bay to ensure you get all the sleep you need.

De-stress and unwind

62% of Americans stress about money, while 61% state that work stresses them out. Regardless of the cause of your stress, it can lead to mental health conditions. When people feel stressed, they can become anxious and develop high blood pressure. But, by delving into a pool of hot water, these feelings can be alleviated. One study showed that after just 10 minutes in a hot tub, a significant drop in blood pressure was recorded. Meanwhile, relaxing in hot water releases ‘happy hormones’ which help to reduce anxiety.

Reduce physical pain

Individuals with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, are three times more likely to develop depression or anxiety, according to Psycom. Spending time in a hot tub is a great way to ease pain and minimize mental health symptoms. This is because the hot water on board on a hot tub cruisin boat relaxes the muscles, reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow to the tissue. The British Journal of Rheumatology highlights one study where patients who used spa therapy as a treatment option had improved mobility and less pain than patients who just used medication.

Hot tubs are a useful tool in managing and treating mental health conditions in San Diego’s residents. This is due to a hot tub’s ability to boost an individual’s sleep pattern, improve their stress levels and limit physical pain.

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