Rules and Regulations

To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the Hot Tub Cruisin craft, we request that you read through and adhere to the rules of this safety document.

At any time during your rental experience, you may call the Hot Tub Cruisin staff with any issue or emergency.

Failure to abide by these regulations may result in forfeiture of your rental and additional charges.


I. DISCLAIMER: This Waiver and Release is applicable to all renters, operators, passengers, and users of equipment provided by Hot Tub Cruisin, Inc. (“HTC”) of this Waiver and Release, the term HTC includes all employees, agents, representatives, servants, assigns, successors, insurers and subsidiaries of HTC. The undersigned agrees that he/she is also signing this Release on behalf of undersigned’s minor children. Renter agrees that he/she will disclose to HTC all potential operators, passengers, and users of said rental equipment. Renter further agrees that in the event that he/she fails to notify HTC of all potential operators, passengers, or users of said equipment, he/she will be personally liable for any damages to the undisclosed individuals, even if such damages arise out of the negligence or fault of HTC.

II. EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK: The undersigned hereby agrees that he/she is renting, operating or using the equipment provided by HTC at his/her own risk. The undersigned agrees that he/she is voluntarily participating in all activities related to the rental, operation, or use of the rental equipment, and assumes all risk of injury, illness, death, damage or loss that might result, including but not limited to, risk of injury, illness, death, damage or loss due to collision, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning, propeller strike, and/or any and all other risks associated with and/or arising out of the use of said rental equipment even if the risks or damages arise out of the negligence or fault of HTC.

III. WAIVER/RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By the execution of this Release, the undersigned agrees that HTC shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by the undersigned or any minor children under the undersigned’s custody, care, and control, as a result of any and all activities related to the rental, operation, or use of equipment provided by HTC. The undersigned assumes full responsibility for any such injuries or damages which may occur, and further agrees that HTC shall not be liable for any loss or theft of personal property. The undersigned specifically agrees that HTC shall not be responsible for such injuries, damages, loss or theft, EVEN IN THE EVENT OF NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT BY HTC RENTAL COMPANY, whether such negligence is present at the signing of this Release or takes place in the future. This Waiver and Release does not apply to gross negligence or intentional torts by HTC.

IV. LIABILITY TO THIRD PARTIES: The undersigned hereby agrees that he/she will indemnify and hold harmless HTC for all personal injuries, property damages, or any other damages to any and all third parties, including, but not limited to, operators and passengers of other watercraft including minor children under the undersigned’s custody, care, and control, as a result of any and all activities and/or risks related to the rental, operation, or use of equipment provided by HTC, even if such damages arise out of the negligence or fault of HTC.

V. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF WAIVER AND RELEASE: The undersigned states that he/she has had sufficient time to review the Waiver and Release and to ask any questions associated with said Release. The undersigned further states that he/she has carefully read the foregoing Waiver and Release, knows the contents thereof, and has signed this Release as his/her own free act. The undersigned warrants that he/she is aware that he/she may rent, operate, or use equipment from another rental facility, but has chosen to rent, operate, or use equipment from HTC with the knowledge that signing this Release is a requirement for rental, operation, and use of said equipment. The undersigned further warrants that he/she is fully aware that he/she is waiving any right he/she may have to bring a legal action to assert a claim against HTC for HTC negligence.

General and Boating Safety

1. Have Fun! You’re on a boat with a hot tub!

2. All persons using the Hot Tub Cruisin craft do so at their own risk and must review the Boat Rental Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement, Rules/Regulations/Safety Checklist, and the USCG Boating Checklist prior to use. Therefore, no extra persons may join the boat if they did not leave from the Hot Tub Cruisin rental facility.

3. No more than the vessel’s maximum number of people allowed at all times.

4. The boat may not be taken be taken east of either the Ingraham Street Bridge or south of the West Mission Bay Drive Bridge (as depicted on the map available on the boat and/or Mission Bay Sportcenter). Rescue fee of $100 apply. Boat will not be docked at any location, beached anywhere (maintain a distance of at least 200 yards from Shore), or be rafted with another craft. All rules set and dictated by the Coast Guard and Life Guards, and are enforceable by tickets to the customer and to our company.

5. Boat will not be operated in a careless or unlawful manner.

6. Boat will not be operated by a person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or unfamiliar with its care and operation, or beached (other than in the case of an emergency).

7. Renter/Driver is required to be 18 years of age. Renter/Driver shall not allow anyone under 18 years to operate a craft; anyone under 12 years must wear a life jacket at all times.

8. In the event of lightening or inclement weather, the boat must be returned to the Hot Tub Cruisin dock slip at Mission Bay Sportcenter immediately.

9. All persons must use caution and enter and exit hot tub slowly.

10. Glass is prohibited at all times on the boat.

11. Elderly persons, pregnant women, persons with heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or any serious illness, should consult a doctor before use.

12. Hot Tub Cruisin reserves the right to retake possession of the rented boat and equipment at any time at Renter’s expense if the boat and/or equipment is used in violation of this agreement, any law, or is apparently abandoned.

13. Renter is liable for any loss or damage to this boat and its accessories and any “excessive” cleaning necessary after use.

14. If the rental boat is returned more than 15 minutes late, the rental will risk deposit forfeiture and an addition hours charge. We also ask any late parties to call Hot Tub Cruisin staff.

15. No Pets are allowed on Hot Tub Cruisin.

16. Persons are advised to read all printed restrictions and the liability waiver, before agreeing to a Hot Tub Cruisin rental.

Hot Tub Safety

1. During pregnancy, soaking in hot tub may cause damage to the fetus so contact your doctor for advice before entering the water.

2. Persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tub without prior consultation with their doctor.

3. People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection.

4. Parents are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of four.

5. Parents are to warn children not to allow water in their mouths as this can cause infection and illness.

6. The heat of the hot tub water may speed up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness.

7. Never use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure.

8. At 102-106ºF (39-40ºC) limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 20 minutes as extending this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever-like conditions. At 97-99ºF (36-37ºC) this time can be extended up to 1 hour.

9. Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water. This increases the risk of infection and can heighten the dangers of drowning due to suction below the water line.

10. Never allow children to use the spa or hot tub unsupervised and when not in use make sure the cover is on and secured.

11. Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a heavy meal.

12. Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.

13. Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature can affect the heart rate.

14. Never use glass near/in the hot tub as broken glass can cause a risk to people in barefoot and is very difficult to see within the hot tub water.

15. Take care on the decking by the hot tub as water from the tub can cause it to be slippery.

16. Do not use any electrical appliances near/in the hot tub.

17. If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists contact a staff member.

18. If any fault or damage occurs with the hot tub please contact a staff member at the earliest moment.

19. Ensure no contaminants i.e. bubble bath, alcohol, oils etc. are placed in the water as this can upset the chemical balance of the water and can result in allergic reactions.

20. Any overt displays of affection and nudity are prohibited.

21. Surfaces in, on and around the hot tub may be slippery, use extreme caution.

Note to Parents and Hot Tub Users
It is your responsibility to enforce the rules of safety while on the hot tub cruise.

IMPORTANT: Any hot tub that needs to be shut down due to misuse will incur a $100 charge to refill it.

The life and health of you, your family and friends are important. Please practice these safety rules and regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: To comply with San Diego Department of Environmental Health and the Plan Check divisions REGULATIONS Hot Tub Cruisin, Inc. is a drain and fill operation. Drained and refilled after every use, as well as proper chemical and pH levels monitored.

Remember, our tips are only a start. Safety in the hot tub begins and ends with common sense. Be careful in and around any boat and spa – and happy Cruisin.

Please download and sign the waver

General and Boating Safety Acknowledgement of Waiver and Release
Hot Tub Safety Acknowledgement of Waiver and Release
Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement