Hot Tub Boat Rentals in San Diego

Unique Excursions

What’s better than a boat rental in San Diego? One with a hot tub, of course! Make your trip on the water truly one-of-a-kind.

Scenic Views

Take in the stunning views of San Diego’s skyline and coast — all while relaxing with your friends in a hot tub.

Great For Groups of All Sizes

Whether you’re going boating with a few close friends or the entire extended family, hot tubbing on a boat is great fun for everyone.


Starts at $599


Up to 12 people
2 Hour Cruise
Sound System On Board

Ready to drive your own portable hot tub around? You’ll get to on this excursion! Operate your boat — it only goes about 5 miles per hour — and explore the waters of San Diego Bay. We provide a full orientation with instructions for how to have a safe and fun cruise.

Starts at $499


Up to 8 people
2 Hour Cruise
Sound System On Board

Have the ultimate relaxing adventure with a ride past San Diego’s coastline. Perfect for small to mid-sized gatherings, this boat rental with a floating hot tub lets you blast favorite tunes while enjoying some California sunshine.

Starts at $449

Hot Tub Cruisin Boat 2 Firework Limited Offer

Up to 6 people
90 Minutes
Sound System On Board
Get the ultimate thrill with this limited-time fireworks offer! Cruise around Mission Bay in a hot tub boat. Finish your day off with a breathtaking, ocean-seat view of SeaWorld’s amazing fireworks shows.
A group of ladies enjoying a hot tub boat rental in the scenic waters of Mission Bay at Hot Tub Cruisin.
A group of friends enjoys a lively gathering on a boat rental from Hot Tub Cruisin
Group of friends having fun on a 2-hour hot tub boat rental in San Diego

Important Rental Information

Feel the Wind

Why Choose Us

Luxury Boating

Few things are better than boating AND soaking up life in a hot tub. Experience on-the-water luxury like you never have before.

Easy Self-Operation

Our boats are all extremely user-friendly. Drive at a leisurely 5 miles per hour around the bay. You’ll receive a full orientation on how to operate the boat before departure.

Great Onboard Amenities

Listen to a top-notch sound system while enjoying the benefits of an optional shade canopy, swim ladder, dry storage, cooler, and extra seating.

Group-Friendly Activity

Many of Hot Tub Cruisin’s boats accommodate up to 12 guests. Depending on your party’s preferences, the onboard hot tubs can be temperature adjusted as needed.

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Hot Tub Cruisin’ offers luxuriously unique excursions into the beautiful waters of Mission Bay. Your one-of-a-kind hot tub boat rental is perfect for groups large and small. After all, everybody enjoys the experience of going hot tubbing in the middle of the ocean!

Depending on weather and guest preference, we can customize almost every element of your trip before you leave port. From onboard sound systems to 50-quart under-seat coolers, the team at Hot Tub Cruisin’ is ready to give you the experience of a lifetime!

A hot tub boat moored near the shore in San Diego

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I embark on the Hot Tub Cruisin adventure?
Embarking on your luxurious journey is just a click away! Visit our reservations tab online or dial (619) 905 – 5100 to secure your exclusive cruise. Your unforgettable voyage awaits!
While we adore our furry friends, we prioritize their safety and the preservation of our luxurious boat. Therefore, we kindly request that pets remain ashore for this adventure.
We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to set sail 365 days a year, from the early morning at 9 am until the starlit hours of 11 pm. Your hot tub cruise is ready when you are!
The helm is open to anyone aged 18 or above, holding a valid driver’s license. No specific boater’s license is required in the state of California. Check out our captained cruises for an even more luxurious experience.